Orthotics Aren't Just for Adults

As humans, we put a lot of strain on our feet on a daily basis. The older we are, the more time we've had to put strain on these important parts of our body, so we spend a lot of time researching and discussing problems with our feet and ankles as adults, but kids experience a lot of similar troubles!

Orthotics, footwear customized to individual needs, can help with kids' foot conditions too! Kids also experience problems like bunions, flat feet, or ingrown toenails. Orthotics for children can be helpful in cases where kids display flat feet or over-pronation, if they are experiencing growing pains, or any heel or knee pain. Custom orthotics for kids can correct alignment issues, take pressure off of painful areas, and generally help cushion and support their feet during their important growing periods. 

They can be especially helpful in correcting abnormal alignment, which, if left untreated, can lead to problems later in life. Excess pronation - the rolling inward of the ankles - can develop into an abnormal gait pattern, which may not be painful or obvious when they're young, but can cause pain later in life. So while it may seem silly to customize shoes for your ever-growing little one, orthotics for kids can help maintain longterm foot and ankle health! 

So if you see your little ones complaining of foot pain, limping about, or just not feeling good about slipping on those little shoes, contact Dr. Parikh for consultation. She'll make sure your kids' feet are happy and healthy! 


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Shermi Parikh