Ouch, my nail hurts!

February 7, 2017

Dr.Shermi Parikh

Have you ever had this problem? This is an infected ingrown nail. It happens when we cut the nail too short along the border or when you try to cut the nail out when you feel it's ingrown. So, maybe you're in the bathroom, trying to do some bathroom surgery, thinking I can just cut that little piece of nail out. Well sometimes you can, and sometimes this happens. This is infected and so the only way to heal this is to remove the nail border.

Some people think antibiotics will cure it, but if you don't remove the nail border, the antibiotics may help the infection but not cure the problem. We can remove the ingrown nail and sometimes a chemical can be used to kill the root of the nail so the ingrown part doesn't grow back. Don't worry it's not like you'll have a gap there, your body will fill in the space with skin. It's an easy office procedure that takes around 30 minutes. As you can see, the rest of the nail is left alone, it's just the ingrown part that is removed.

For all of you that have had this problem, you know how much that little piece of nail can hurt!  Steel toe shoes, narrow shoes, and those cute heels can all contribute to this problem. For all you moms/dads out there, check your kids' feet. I have seen kids who have had it for months before they decided to tell a parent, and then it's gotten really bad! They were teenagers of course who think they know everything. But, remember we were all teenagers at one point - LOL!

Come to our office to get this treated. Insurance covers the procedure, so we can check your benefits before you get the procedure.