Why Aren't My Orthotics Helping?!

April 3, 2017|

Dr. Parikh

Orthotics, custom inserts for your shoes, are crafted to your individual feet and are great for a number of different problems. However, orthotics can't help your feet if you don't actually wear them! 

In order for your orthotics to actually be effective, you have to wear them about 75% of the time. 

But we can't blame you, if your orthotics are uncomfortable or don't fit in your shoes, you're much less likely to wear them. Your orthotics shouldn't be a chore to wear! 

If you have been prescribed custom orthotics, then you know Family Foot and Ankle Center guarantees that if you are not satisfied with the comfort of your orthotics, we will adjust them, at our cost, within the first 2 months. We want you to wear them, so we’ll work to get the right feel for you!

Your orthotics are meant to fit YOU - some may need higher arch support, others may need more cushion. You're feet are one of a kind and what is comfortable and supportive for your feet may not be for others. 

What Style Should I Get?

There are all different types and styles of orthotics - you can find orthotics for your gym shoes, work boots, dress shoes, sport cleans, and more. The results orthotics can achieve now for patients is amazing. Dr. Parikh can then modify the orthotics on each person's foot type specific to what is bothering them. 

The key is to bring the shoes you wear most often into your appointment. Dr. Parikh will guide you through the steps and know which materials are going to be best.

Orthotics have come a long way, and can even be crafted to your high heels. So bring the shoes you think you'll wear the most, and we will figure out a plan to get your feet in good shape. 

Keep in mind, orthotics are not a magic fix-all. While they may be helpful for many types of foot problems, they aren't always for everyone. Dr. Parikh can work with you to determine the best plan of action for your particular needs, and customize your treatment to your lifestyle. Stop in or give us a call at either of our locations!