Your Feet and Springtime Running

 April 21, 2017

Dr. Shermi Parikh

The weather is really shifting in Chicago and we're getting that spring fever! As we trade in our treadmills for lake front paths, keep in mind these few tips to ensure your you keep your feet (and the rest of you) happy and healthy! 

Preparing for spring running outdoors:

1. Stop by and chat with your friendly podiatrist and do a primary check up on your feet to make sure they are in good health. 

2. Check your shoes. Make sure they are comfortable, and provide the right kid of support for your particular needs. Your podiatrist can help fit you with the right running shoes. If you are thinking of buying new shoes for the season, give yourself a bit of time to break them in before starting any strenuous exercise in them.

3. Check your orthotics. Make sure they still fit and function properly - they do wear out over time. 

4. Start out slow and simple, and build as you go. Lots of people make the mistake of starting off their new routine too strong - make sure you are drinking lots of water, wearing proper footwear, and generally taking care of yourself as you get outside! 

5. Don't forget to stretch! 

Keep in mind, the body reacts differently to running inside vs. outside. When you run inside on a treadmill, the belt gives a little to absorb some of the shock from hitting the ground. When you're outside, your feet and knees absorb all of the shock. You may need to decrease your distance running by a bit when you first start out to gradually get used to the different kind of stress on the body. 

If you experience any kind of foot injury while you're out there, get in contact with Dr. Parikh ASAP!