Winter and Your Feet

Winter is coming! Are your feet prepared?

As the weather cools down and we trade in our flip-flops for winter boots, our feet say goodbye to the fresh air and hello to the warm, moist environment of closed toe shoes.

Did you know that the bottom of your feet have more swat glands per unit area than any other part of your body?

As we pull on our woolen socks and lace up our winter boots, our feet stay toasty, but become predisposed to such things as sores, blisters, nail fungus, and even athletes foot. 

Tips for keeping your feet fresh and clean this winter:

1. Clean and thoroughly dry for feet every day using a mild soap

2. Wool and bamboo are moisture-wicking fabrics, while nylon and cotton are not. Invest in a few good pairs of socks that will keep your feet both dry and toasty. 

3. Wash your shoes every so often, inside and out. You can spray the inside of your shoes with a disinfectant that will kill the bacteria that lead to foot odor.

4. Change your socks daily - don't wear the same socks two days in a row, or you can create a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus!

5. If you experience excessive sweating, you can chat with your doctor about prescription perspirants.

Don't hesitate to call Dr. Parikh if you have questions about keeping your feet healthy and warm this winter!