Common Causes for Foot Pain

If you have pain in your feet, it can limit your mobility and reduce your everyday quality of life. Whether you have an ache in your ankle, soreness in your toes, pain in your heels, or overall numbness, it’s something you should take seriously.

Here are some common causes of foot pain:

Plantar fasciitis - This condition is caused by strain on the ligament (plantar fascia) that connects your heel bone to your toe and supports the arch of your foot. This can feel like a sharp pain in your heel when standing after a period of rest. It can also feel like a tight pulling sensation in the arch.

Bunions - This is a bony “bump” along the inside of the foot at the 1st big toe joint. Sometimes the bump is also on the top of the 1st big toe joint. This can cause pain when wearing shoes or with increased activity. Wider shoes can help, but only surgery can remove the bunion. Dr. Parikh specializes in a minimal-incision technique that removes the bunion without a large incision or screws/pins.

Flat feet - Pain from flat feet may include excessively tired feet, painful arches or heels, as well as back, leg, and knee pain. If your arches make contact with the floor when you are standing, you may have the condition. Flat feet can occur at any point in life, from childhood to later years – and can even be the result of an injury.

Arthritis - Arthritis is can be categorized into three basic types: osteoarthritis from “wear and tear,” rheumatoid arthritis from an autoimmune condition in which the body attacks its own tissues, or post-traumatic arthritis that may occur after an injury. Arthritis may cause discomfort when you are walking or painful stiffness in the joints.

Nerve damage - Nerve damage, or neuropathy, in the feet can have several causes: diabetes, traumatic injuries, infections, metabolic problems, inherited causes and exposure to toxins. This type of pain may make it feel like your feet are numb or tingling, which can spread upward into the legs. It can also cause a sharp, throbbing, freezing, or burning pain.

Ingrown nails - This is when a corner of the nail digs into the skin along the nail border. This usually happens when one cuts too deep along the nail border or when shoes are putting pressure along the nail border. An quick in office procedure can permanently resolve the issue.

Visit your podiatrist for a full assessment of your foot pain and get on the path to foot health. Dr. Shermi Parikh offers a full range of treatments for foot pain, including laser therapy, surgery, prescription medicine and topical treatments, as well as custom-fitted orthotics. Schedule your appointment with Family Foot and Ankle Center today!

About the Author—Dr. Parikh
Dr. Shermi Parikh, DPM, practices podiatry at the Family Foot and Ankle Center in Niles and Berwyn, Illinois. She has been in practice for over a decade and treats all aspects of foot and ankle pain using physical therapy, orthotics, minimally invasive surgical techniques, and laser treatment. More information about her practice and areas of specialization may be found at She believes that informed patients are best able to address podiatric conditions.