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Did you know that for many foot conditions, pain and problems can be eliminated without surgery? Dr. Shermi Parikh takes pride in her conservative approach – except in extreme cases, she’ll exhaust every other option before resorting for an elective (and more expensive) surgery.

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In cases where surgery is the best option, Dr. Parikh practices a minimally invasive surgical technique. This effective technique, involving small surgical incisions, requires minimal to no stitching, which shortens surgical time and makes recovery more manageable. 

Benefits of MIS: 

  • Shorter surgical time 
  • Less scaring 
  • Less pain
  • Less injury to soft tissue 
  • More manageable recovery time 



Our feet are one of our most important and most used body parts - when problems occur in our feet and ankles we feel it in the rest of the body. Improper foot and ankle alignment in particular can have widespread affects throughout the body. 

Common symptoms of a misaligned foot or ankle: 

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HyProCure is a minimally invasive surgical procudure that corrects foot and ankle deformities at their root cause. A titanium stent is placed in the space between the ankle and heel bones to realign and stabilize the hind foot. The procedure can significantly reduce (or potentially eliminate) the resulting pain of misalignment. HyProCure patients are typically back to normal walking within a few weeks.